Monday, October 19, 2009


Deep in my mind are memories of you:
Your smiling face and long dark hair,
Your tender loving voice said words true,
And your beating heart proved you did care.

I still see you in my nightly dreams, 
And I feel your embrace day and night.
Your love is still mine, or so it seems,
Because it shines in my heart as a light.

Your vision haunts my every thought,
And everything that I say and all I do,
Result because of the love that I sought.
And when I loved you, I was never blue.

Those memories remind me of the past,
And how things between us used to be.
Sadly, I realize that our love failed to last,
And I wonder if you felt as hurt as me.

Memories that tell me that I was wrong
Keep me lamenting this sad, sad song.

April 20, 1968
Great Lakes, Illinois

Poem № 18

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