Monday, October 5, 2009

My Dear Heart

Well, good morning, heart.
How are you today?

Let's get off to a good start
As we go on our way.

The sun is shining bright
Through the window;

What a beautiful sight -
The world all aglow!

As I open up my eyes,
The world is anew.

As I breathe with sighs
I smell the fresh dew.

Well, heart, What'll it be?
What's in store for me?

Is it something I can take?
Or is it another heartache?

A girl with a pretty face,
And a gentle embrace -

I tell myself she's mine,
For she is so fine.

But when I say aye,
My heart, you deny!

I feel she's for me,
But you say it can't be.

Yes, I know she's right -
Just like the other night:

I met her at a dance
And I took a chance.

I held her and pulled her close;
'Twas her love I chose.

And as I continued to hold her,
This is what I told her,

Just what I thought of her,
That there'd be no other.

She said she was sorry and late
To meet her steady date.

I learned my lesson well,
I'm sure you can tell.

With you, I could never part,
My dear, faithful heart.

April 2, 1968
Great Lakes, Illinois

Poem № 4


  1. After getting a Dear John letter at Boot Camp, I had to face the fact it wasn't meant to be and she wasn't for me.

  2. I realized after I had written this one, that I had unwittingly changed the rhyming scheme. It starts out with every other line rhyming - but then changes to consecutive lines.