Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time Stands Still

Time stands still when a man is lonely;
Time stands still when he's lost his only.
Time rambles slowly on for a lonely man
Who needs love to give time a helping hand.
Once, time flew quickly for a man in love,
For he was blessed with a gift from above.
But now the miles are many, wide and far,
And his heart aches from loneliness' scar.

Time stands still for the broken hearted;
Time stands still for those who are parted.
But once love has entered a man's life,
There is no longer any pain, any strife.
Time no longer stands still - it flies,
And a man with love lives and ne'er cries.
Yes, time stands still day and night;
Time stands still and all is not right!

April 11, 1968
Great Lakes, Illinois

Poem № 13

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