Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grass Roots

Roots are a flower's hold on life;
Without them, a flower dies.
Roots soak moisture from the earth,
And the flower lives on.
But once the flower is picked,
And broken from its roots,
The beauty as well as the life
Is removed from the flower.

But flowers alone do not have roots.
Love is a firm root within man.
These roots are stronger than grass.
The flower may be picked
But the roots of love remain!
Yes, a loved one (the flower)
May be picked from one's heart,
But the will to love, it lives on.

April 4, 1968
Great Lakes, Illinois
Poem № 9

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  1. Sometimes, like when I wrote this one, I think I just forced the words onto the paper for the sake of making an entry.