Sunday, October 11, 2009

A New World

When my eyes met yours,
I was in a strange new world:
A world where the oceans
Are moved by the winds' motions,
A world where the mountains
Overlook the marble fountains,
A world where the blue sky
Yields to birds on the fly,
A world new and strange
That our hearts can arrange.

When my lips met yours,
I was in a strange new world:
A world where those in love
Share stars in Heaven above,
A world where love lasts
for everyone and never passes,
A world where an embrace
Is born from a smile on a face,
A world new to you and me
And in that world we'll see:

Love that is strange and new,
Love that is always true,
Times under the starlit night
That for lovers are right.

Love is from the One above,
As is, a new world of love.

April 5, 1968
Great Lakes, Illinois

Poem № 10


  1. Wow! I never realized you had this poem blog site. I love the poems. Wonderful...lovely.

    I shall return to read some more.

    Hope your doing well and all the best for the New Year.



  2. well it looks like your secret is out.
    I found it too. LOL.